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Throttle Body Comparison

Audi 5K vs stock rabbit

  An Audi 5000 5 cyl throttle body is on the left, while the stock rabbit throttle body id on the right. As one should already know, the most restrictive part of an intake system iS NOT the air filter. Many times the most restrictive part of the air intake system is the intake manifold, the cylinder head, the metering device, intake piping, or the throttle body.

  The stock rabbit throttle body flows well for a stock unit, but it does prevent maximum horsepower from being achieved due to it's restrictiveness at high RPM's. When an audi 5000 throttle body is installed after a number of peformance modifiacations, the driver may notice a 1-2 percent increase in hoprsepower coupled with a dramatic increase in throttle response. The only downside to using the Audi 5000 throttle body is that is has a much lighter spring to it, so it feels more like a honda when you drive your car, to quell this, just replace the Audi's linkage with the stock linkage from your rabbit.

NOTE: You must port match your intake manifold when swapping in this throttle body, otherwise the primary will hit on the edge of the manifold. Also, a larger throttle body should be installed after several other performance modifications have already been installed, specifically a high-flow exhaust and a new camshaft.