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The 2.0L Swap

low compression BV head engine engine Engine Installed adapter plate

  After deciding to do the swap I had to make a purchase list:

Knock sensing ignition
Cap and rotor
ABA distributor Gear
Adapter ring for distributor
spark plug wires
spark plugs
Velocity Lightened flywheel
16V Pressure plate
8V Clutch
Throw-out/clutch-release bearing
crank seals
ABA 2.0L stacked metal headgasket
stretchbolts or head studs
valve cover gasket
ABA 2.0L Timing Belt
Timing Belt Tensioner
All new rubber coolant hoses
16.5mm spacer/longer down pipe for exhaust
exhaust gaskets
intake manifold gaskets
injector o-rings
Breather block off/WUR relocation plate and freeze plug
All new motor mounts

  With 115 HP and 135 ft/lb of torque stock, the ABA 2.0L is an excellent adition to any A1. Although slight bending of the lip of the rain tray is required in order to clear the throttle body, and some upper strut tie-bars may rub on the throttle cable, the swap is particularly well suited for the A1 platform, and gives excellent performance characteristics for a daily driver.