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1988 5.0 LX Mustang


    Engine: 302cid or commonly known as a five point oh.

    Transmission: T-5 #3 (Stop banging the gears!)

    Rearend: 8.8in. w/stocker 2.73 gears soon to be 3.55

    Induction: Mass-air Injection

    Exhaust: Mac off-road H-pipe backed with 2-chamber flowmasters

    Stereo: Pioneer CD player ($30), Boston Acoustics, Orion amp, and some subs.

    Plans: 347 Stroker motor, Vortec S-trim supercharger,

      Racecraft suspension, 6 point roll cage, 5 point harness',
      Sparco racing seats, & a 100HP shot of the go juice: NOS.

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